Can You Ride A Zebra?

Riding a Zebra.jpgZebras are quite similar to horses and in fact, they are part of the same family. However, domestication is quite different. Due to several reasons, zebras are more difficult to turn into docile animals, but it is not impossible if certain conditions are met.


In order for zebras to allow a person to ride them, they have to be domesticated. This means that they need to meet certain requirements. These requirements include having the right diet and eating almost any form of vegetable food. Their size must also be manageable and they cannot panic when they are part of a group.

In addition, they have to have an acceptable growth rate, they can be bred in captivity, and they have a social hierarchy which enables humans to assume the role of the Alpha if they get aggressive.

Zebras are Aggressive

Despite having a vegetarian diet, zebras can turn to be quite aggressive with humans. In fact, studies show that they develop personality disorders as they get older and become aggressive with other zebras as well.

Zebras can bite and hurt humans but this occurs once they reach a certain age. Young zebras are more docile and submissive.

Difficult Body Shape

Another aspect that makes them difficult to ride is their body shape. Even if they are part of the horse family, mounting a saddle on a zebra does not work very well. Riding them can be dangerous even if they are not aggressive as the rider can fall down quite easily.

Riding Domesticated Zebras

There are reports of domesticated zebras that are used for riding, but that does not mean that they are not unpredictable and can become aggressive without any warning.

The safest way to ride a zebra is to try to domesticate a young one before it reaches maturity. During that time, zebras are most submissive and more socially friendly. However, once they reach the age of two when they usually separate from their birth group, they can become extremely aggressive.